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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know that my taste and yours, as a designer will not conflict?
A: This is not an uncommon concern. As an experienced designer, Carol will know how to determine a style that reflects your preferences and taste. This is an initial and ongoing effort between designer and clients. With the aid of magazine photos, catalogues, Internet sources and discussions about your personal likes and dislikes, your style will be captured. Trips to local showrooms are also beneficial during the planning phase. Fabric samples offer ideas about your taste in colors, patterns and textures. Determining and setting the personal mood and style for your home is one of the most important roles for a designer. A home should always reflect the taste and personality of its owners and occupants.

Q: Will I save money by hiring a designer?
A: In most cases, yes. Designers know how to keep you from making expensive mistakes and will maximize your budget for the scope of work required.

Q: How do I determine my budget?
A: Carol will assist with determining a starting budget based on her previous experience with the scope of work requested. Until actual selections are made the budget works as a guide to help make suitable selections regarding the costs of products and services. All approved selections are quoted prior to ordering or starting work so you will always know in advance how much the total of selected items and services for your project will cost.

Q: Can you offer sustainable, “green” design solutions? What about VOC’s ?
A: Yes. As a state registered/licensed designer I am required to take continuing education classes every year. Many of these are focused on sustainable design.

I am educated in, and have a great deal of information on hand about important new efforts to provide quality, eco friendly design solutions to protect the environment.

Example: Sherwin Williams offers Low VOC paint through the Duration series where samples are marked to meet emissions regulations.

Q: What is Universal Design?
A: Universal design refers to ideas that produce environments that are accessible to both the able bodied and the physically challenged or disabled.

This term emerged from the earlier term, “barrier free”. Universal design seeks to blend aesthetics into the core considerations of broader accessibility of movement. An example of universal design: light switches with large flat panels rather than toggle switches.

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