Design, Fashion, Nature, Food and Beautiful Things from the World of Pinterest

8Pinterest is all about collecting and sharing images, quotes, recipes and all sorts of interests
and favorite things found on the web. I consider Pinterest to be the ultimate digital scrapbook. It is now the 3rd most popular social network according to Comscore, with over 11 million unique visitors every month. I am still organizing my boards but please drop by to view my pins.

“While style evolves and shifts with the times, it should never be confused with things that are of the moment.”~Thomas Burak & Michael Devine


“Always surrond yourself with things that inspire and reflect your point of view”~ Brian Patrick Flynn

“Few things are better than living an authentic life and sharing that world with others.” ~Barry Dixon

Design Tip:
Whenever a sofa is floating in a room, put a console table behind it for a more appealing and finished look.


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