Tribal Patterns and the New 2015 Color of the Year.. Marsala


Pantone’s new color pick for 2015 is Marsala- a name I had never heard of but is considered a wineish red. Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute says the shade is red brown creating a dark blush effect. It will combine well with beige, black, gray and other neutrals. Love love this great color. It appears that the beautiful sofa pillows above have “Marsala stripes”.

Tribal patterns are textiles that are created all over the world by talented craftspeople who pass their skills and traditions down through generations. Pantone has named this movement ” tribal threads”. Tribal is all about the pattern, especially geometric. For the color palette, you can use rich reds, warm oranges, yellow mustards, natural greens , browns and blues.


The gray and cream pillows give this living room a fresh contemporary tribal look.


This room has a unique vibe with the Marsala walls and neutral upholstery with the zebra area rug over a deep tan rug. Note how the wood work matches the leather ottoman and the rug. Stunning !

A little tribal goes a long way. Consider new accent pillows, an area rug, a piece of sculture, a painting or some other touch of exotic or tribal style to provide that unique timeless touch for your home decor.

Until next time, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays !


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